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Jewellery may be made from a wide range of materials. Gemstones and similar materials such as nephrite and quartz, precious metals, and pearls have been widely used.

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Shahzeb Azhar is a Pakistani jewellery designer. A graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design specializing in Jewellery design and Gemological sciences. An art and design enthusiast, be it in the form of a sculpture or painting.

As nature inspires the designer a lot, he infuses the traditional motifs (taken out of different historical eras) with the current Pakistani and Indian styles to cater the traditional mindsets of women.

He is at par with other contemporary artists, however, believes in keeping up the traditions and cultures alive in the form of design and jewellery. He has been designing jewellery for the last four years. Also his clients are provided with a full attire, from makeup to clothes and jewellery. He is capable of customising jewellery according to the clients’ needs and demands with precious and non-precious metals and stones.

His work also revolves around custom Avant Garde/Haute Couture line too which encompasses his love for nature and flowers, he combines hidden aesthetics, hence giving a contemporary twist to his designs and manufactures the jewellery with his own hands. The main purpose of designing the custom jewellery is that he wants people to experiment with contemporary forms in jewellery inspired from nature with semiprecious stones. Engraved custom jewellery line has created a niche in the market. The stones mostly used in this line are Quartz, Rubies, Corals, Opals, Nephrite and a lot of unconventional varieties.

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Curabitur scelerisque et nisi

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